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The 1967 Centennial Issue Stamps

A Brief Introduction

First issued in February of 1967 to commemorate Canada's Centennial, this rather innocent group of 12 different value stamps has grown to an almost endless list of minor and major varieties. A collector of Canadian Stamps will have to return to the Admiral Issue of 1912 to find an issue anywhere near comparable to the Centennial Definitive Issue of 1967. From single stamps to booklet to Stationery and the special Centennial Philatelic items, this Issue has come to both challenge and intrigue the collector. From different gums to different types of papers to levels of fluorescence, to types of tagging, Canada Post with it's various experimentation has unknowingly created a philatelic issue that will see the ink continue to flow on this Issue for years to come. Some 50 years have passed since those original 12 stamps were issued and yet we are still finding new varieties. Ya' gotta love this Issue!

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